“Arboreal kraken, distracting werewolves with a squeaky dog toy, and haunted houses with souls. Some of these things Nathan Crowder has thrown at me. Some of these I’ve thrown back at him. What’s always makes his games special are his willingness to roll with whatever crazy or whimsy is thought up by the players. It’s not about how he thinks you should experience the game, but rather about how you want to play the game that night.”
Rosemary Jones

Dungeons & Dragons/Forgotten Realms author of
City of the Dead, Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, and Cold Steel & Secrets

“Nate embodies the ultimate in a GM: flexible, story-oriented, ready to say not just ‘yes’ but ‘hell yes!’ In the countless games I’ve enjoyed with him over the years, his joy in collaborative storytelling has enabled newbies and DnD rulesmongers alike to laugh, engage, and fight epic battles. He not only lets the characters be themselves, but ensures that the whole party and the overall arc combine into a memorable and edge-of-the-seat adventure.”


“Nate has made being a noob easy. He is very patient and considerate to new player needs. He takes time to explain how the game works and is always willing to allow me to try what I am envisioning. I am a ranger half elf, and in a recent game, he allowed me to mount a guard/gladiator cowgirl style in a chair in order to swipe a key to the jail cell my teammates were in. My teammates, a dwarf and paladin, got out and got their weapons, and with an attack of opportunity got stabby; which lead to a bloodbath that left a squire in the fetal position. Whatever dark thoughts fill your head, Nate is the DM for you.”


I have had the pleasure of participating in a D&D 5th edition campaign dm’ed by Mr. Crowder. Mr. Crowder is an author of no small talent and invention, and it really shows, his world construction is thorough and interesting, and the npc’s and beings encountered have a life of their own. His adventures within the campaign are intriguing and allow the characters in the party to utilize there skills and intellect, they are not an endless slog thru a ‘dungeon’ killing monsters and picking up treasure. I have never been interested in playing a cleric, but the deities created by Mr. Crowder for this campaign are so intriguing, i wish i had. He really makes raising levels mean something, rather than gratuitously handing out experience points, or making it so characters die and never advance. It had been many years since i had played an RPG, and if id known Mr. Crowder earlier, i would have dived back in sooner.

Dylan Carlson
musician/band leader